Protect the Environment, Without Delay!


Environmental Innovative Council "EIC" was established in 2013 as a charitable institution. Through "Environmental Education" we hope to be the bridge that merges Innovative Technology with Environmental Concepts; together arouse the importance of having a "Green Life Style".

We are committed to abide by Chapter 32 of the Company Laws (The Constitution) and strive to realize our goals and objectives: "Innovative Environmental Protection Tech of today, open up a brighter and greener world for tomorrow". Through different types of activity and channel we reach out and share environmental news with everyone to get in touch with a "Green and Healthy Life Style"

Promoting environmental protection without a delay. We firmly believe if we work together hand in hand, we can create an "Inspiring" and "Healthy" green future for ourselves!


Towngas x EIC – Elderly Activity Center Visit “Eco Planting”


2019 Caring Company Award Ceremony


Induction Light Installation Kick-Off Event